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 3-6 Simple Deep Breathing Technique


Diaphragmatic deep breathing can help you calm down and relax almost immediately.  It is great when you are feeling anxiety or panic symptoms, and works best when practiced regularly.




1. Inhale (breathe in) through your nose, on a slow count of three (Count 1-2-3 in your mind).

2. As you inhale, push your stomach out.

3. Exhale (breathe out) through your mouth on a slow count of six (Count 1-2-3-4-5-6 in your mind.)

4.  Repeat at least 3 more times, and for up to 20 minutes if you can.


Note: If you feel light-headed, slow down your breathing.


Remember, practice this three times each day and you will be able to remember the steps when you are feeling anxiety or panic.  Also it's good to remind yourself that no one has ever died from a panic attack!


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